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A project log for Controlling a cctv camera with arduino!

A dream school project: control one or more cctv cameras with only a arduino

pixelboPixelbo 03/27/2022 at 08:590 Comments

This has been a long time, I have a lot of work for school in the background so this project slows down a bit but still persists!!

What I haven't done is the physical board due to lack of time.

But what I have done is a lot of coding!

You can see the progress in the GitHub repo but here's a little summary:

-More commands

-More fail-safe check

-More readability with the constants.h file

-3 examples

-You can now set the pan and tilt position with angles!!!!

If you are worried about the control panel well I will be making this in the vacations so in about 3 weeks.

During this time I'll update the code to feature request commands and more testing is required!

Until next time!