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A project log for Universal Coil winding Machine

A lost art, that few can still use, and guard viciously as a company secret.

brettBrett 07/15/2022 at 17:170 Comments

Just recently modified the wire spool to have a smoothed down PC fan grill as a guide to keep the wire off the rim of the spool since its old and rough, kept snagging.

Still looking for someone to help convert formulas to code, flesh out the rest of the winding and upload it to githib as a multi-winder. I need some type of non-blocking dynamatic speed shift to adjust a single speed of the feeder to retain the original angle as the circumference grows.

Also looking for a mechanist to recreate the feed head, and create a few extra simple parts.

As the coding stands it's bare bones that's been manually adjusted. DM542T drivers toggles are:

1. on
2. on
3. on 
4. off
5. on
6. on
7. on
8. on
Tensioner is set with 9.7 on the magnetic dial, and 10 on the rebound. Wire is 37 AWG basic enameled however nylon severed enamel should be used, or nylon severed litz wire.