Wider coils

A project log for Universal Coil winding Machine

A lost art, that few can still use, and guard viciously as a company secret.

brettBrett 07/21/2022 at 16:340 Comments

A good amount of the coils are multi-wind- not sure about the correct terminology, anyways these typically are in tuner circuits for RF, and I have not yet attempted to try winding one yet. Today that changed.

Typically I wind my coils with a division of 360* example 180* x2 or 90* 4 ect. To pull off these, which resemble a wind of yarn and create a wider coil, you will go in too steep an angle if you use the original formula so... How I did it was I set the width, and did almost one full rotation and moved the winder right, one full rotation left. Here's the snippet;



the minus 10 degrees creates a phase shift, and this created an exact of the originals. How wide it is, and how many 360s determine how many overlaps it has, remember we want to use 78* angle to wind, it provides the best results of grip and retaining the shape so it doesn't slip off the edge see:video. I also noted it is scraping some of the insulation, I believe this is because the width isn't set properly, or perhaps too tight spacing or too thin/narrow a bobbin (guitar slug) against the wire gauge.