The following initial parameters
are evaluated:
- Output filter capacitor C2: 1000µF
- Output filter inductor L1: 280µH
- Modulation frequency: 40 kHz
- Carrier amplitude NR: 5.0V
And the associated figures of merit at steady state:
- Conversion factor M: 0.417
- Bandwidth -3 dB: 2 kHz
- Phase margin: 70°

The carrier is generated starting from an asymmetrical astable mutlivibrator that feeds a pseudo-integrator implemented through a common emitter
The mosfets used in this circuit are IRLB4132, with a RDSON of just 3.5
mΩ. The gate driver automatically introduces the required delay of dead time.

It was possible to successfully test the performances of the converter with
an output current of few Amperes. However, this circuit was just developed
for didactic purposes only and it is not suggested to be used as a PSU because
of its simplicity