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To make this power supply project circuit, we might need some electronics component. Those component list have to been given below.

Component List - 

1. PCB

2. Rectifier Diode – 1N 5399

3. LED (5mm)

4. Resistor - 1K

5. Capacitor - 2200µf/ 25v

                          100µf/ 25v

6. Voltage Regulating IC – 7812

7. Transformer – 12.0.12 v (3 amp)

12v Power Supply Design - 

The schematic of 12v power supply circuit design along with the PCB layout can be seen above. Here Led light used to measure the voltage or used to check the accurate voltage of this circuit. To check this circuit, you also can use DC meter.

Voltage Regulator IC Pin Out

7812 is a voltage regulator IC. To get fixed voltage or to get accurate voltage, you can use this component. The component contain 3 legs as a like transistor or mosfet. If we count it’s leg from left side, then it’s 1st leg is for “input” voltage, 2nd leg is for “ground” voltage and 3rd leg is for “output” voltage.

Connect Diode With Circuit

To make this circuit, 1st we need to make a bridge connection. We know that, there are two polarity terminal of a diode. To make this bridge connection, we connect two diode negative terminal and connect due two diode positive terminal with the circuit. Then we connect , two set diode positive leg with another diode negative leg and connect other terminal with the circuit. It’s a complete bridge connection.

Connect Capacitor With Circuit

To filter voltage, we need to use a capacitor with the circuit. We are using 2200µf/ 25v capacitor with this circuit. We connect capacitor negative leg with diode negative leg and connect capacitor positive leg with diode positive leg.  

Connect Resistor And LED With Circuit

For indicator, now we connect resistor and LED with the circuit. We are using 1k resistor to make this circuit. We connect resistor with capacitor positive leg and connect LED positive leg with resistor. Then connect LED negative leg with positive & negative leg of diode.

Connect Transformer With Circuit

For power source we are using 12v transformer. If we want to make 15v power supply, for that we need to connect 15v transformer. Now we connect transformer secondary section with the circuit. We connect secondary section cable with diode positive and negative leg.

Connect LED With Circuit

Now we connect dc-12v LED light or motor or any kind of electronic gadget device with the circuit. We connect device positive cable with capacitor positive cable and connect capacitor negative cable with device negative cable.

Our device is now completely ready for use. We use DC-12v led light to test the project circuit.

Soldering and Cleaning

Neat and perfect soldering play an important role for all kind of PCBs. Since soldering, you should remember that, there should not be any kind of short circuit connection. After soldering all leg, we cut-off the extra leg of all electronics component. For better result you can use liquid PCB cleaner.

Final Action

Our power supply circuit is now ready for use. Now we just need to connect AC cable with AC line and to operate the amazing project circuit.