Ultimate back scratcher

Back scratching is hard

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There is an art to designing a back scratcher.

The key feature was interchangeable spikes, since printing a handle is expensive.  The ideal head so far has diagonal crosses on a square panel.

The cross shaped spike, rotated 45 deg, forces skin into a corner before it can pass.  The layers have to be parallel to the plane to get the most abrasive surface.  The spikes have to be tall enough so they do the scratching instead of the edge of the panel.

PLA is much more abrasive than wood, so this can cause injury if abused.  A few light brushes are all it takes to cure all itches.

A diamond panel was less effective because it presents a narrower line of spikes in the direction of travel.

The handle is too short, but it was all lions could afford.  Other back scratchers bolt on to a wood dowel, but the lion kingdom figured bolting onto wood wouldn't be as stiff as a single piece of plastic.  It has a sharp end for scratching other areas not best served by the spikes.

The ever important captive nut farstens the scratcher.

  • Design changes

    lion mclionhead03/14/2022 at 01:38 0 comments

    The teeth continue to wear out & break off, manely from getting snared in things.  It's a good excuse to print revisions.

    A new design was printed.  Its mane feature is a rounded panel.  Lions are fans of the rectangular PLA panel, but this tends to get stuck in clothing.   It might be overkill to have the edges curve up & down, but the corners definitely need to be round.

    Then the handle's pointy end got slightly more aggressive.

  • It wears out

    lion mclionhead03/02/2022 at 20:23 0 comments

    It does wear down over time.  It's only on a microscopic level, but noticeable.  The new scratcher has a slight plateau where the nozzle slides off.  The old scratcher has the plateau worn down.

    Some new ideas emerged, like lengthening the handle, making the scratching head convex, either keeping the spikes parallel or making the spikes radial.  The scratcher has proven useful for scratching many other body parts & makes a big impact on the pet hair situation.

    A convex scratcher was designed.  The spikes are farther apart.  

    The rear scratcher is not to be underestimated.  The longest handle the Ender 3 could print ended up being 270mm.

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