[P] Chain in a channel

A project log for Tetrinsic [gd0041]

A continuous, motorized fader that is force sensitive, haptic and self-sterilising.

kelvinakelvinA 12/30/2022 at 11:110 Comments

So I'm looking for where I misplaced my tin foil box, and I see something in the bag of TCT360 goodies I got months ago:

It's a peek print on a metal ball chain! And, conveniently enough, it's the size I've been using for the current Tetrinsic redesign. Double conveniently enough, it fits beautifully into the channel in my combination square:
This means that I was actually able to try and feel what a 1-ball-track Tetrinsic would feel like.

It feels amazing.

Except for Finger5 that seems to just slide off to a side, the chain just glides beautifully under Finger1-4. (Finger1 = thumb). It looks lovely whilst doing it, and makes a very soft, metal sliding sound that's actually quite relaxing. I found a video of something that sounds like it (39 seconds mark): 

It's a shame that most of the cost and complexity is in the absolute encoder and force sensor, so trying to make a Tetrinsic Tiny that doesn't have the screen + BLDC motor or limitless chain movement might just be an excessive detour.