[M] Started modelling Tetent Concept5

A project log for Tetent [gd0090]

A water resistant, 300WPM input peripheral for end-to-end workflows.

kelvinakelvinA 06/06/2024 at 17:590 Comments

I had initially expected the copper part to be the bit that protruded by 2mm, but it didn't look right:

By making the white slot the one that extends further, it makes the top look more balanced as well as making the design look more open / spacious. It also made the RC vehicle mode look better:

The plan going forward is to add the USBC port and a 3D texture to the white side faces, which is an idea I got from the cheap USBC charger I bought a few months ago:

Additionally, I want to improve the render LEDs to signify that the LED strip is addressable not a continuous white.

The spacing between Tetrinsics is 17mm, just like Concept1.

Surprisingly, this is what it looks like next to an iPhone 14 Pro Max:

All of a sudden, the concept is looking tiny!

[June 19] Going to skip on the camera. It ruins the symmetry, the range would likely be so short that line of sight would suffice and the U5Gx doesn't support the nice 13MP sensor.