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A project log for Teti [gd0022]

A 3-in-1 desktop because I can't build a 2-in-1 laptop.

kelvinakelvinA 04/08/2022 at 01:191 Comment

This is what the first 2 designs of Teti looked like before I thought of the current one:

The idea was to use 2020 and 2060 extrusions for the frame. The first one was going to use magnets to hold the screens at the top. I was also planning to use the RX6800XT but my human eye could only see out of stock. The image below is what I expect it to look like when all 3 screens are out, with a 27" iMac for scale:

Anyway, the 5900X was also out of stock and the Z590I Vision D ITX just came out with the cleanest and most ideal IO I could've ever hoped for, so I switched to an 11600K + 3060Ti system and embraced the all-white I originally planned for:

I went for black because it looked a bit cooler during the design stage. Anyway, this third design drastically simplified things, as I no longer needed an AIO or GPU riser cable and could just use the PCIe port the ITX came with along with a Noctua NH-D9L CPU cooler whilst still staying under 200mm width. This was the first concept, planned for an RTX 3070 in October 2020:

That blue block at the bottom was magnetically attached and would've been the base for the monitor stand before I thought of making the PC case itself the monitor stand. This concept also used some older screens that never worked out. They arrived from AliExpress bent, the main 4K monitor's touch didn't work and the dual 1080p's confirmed my suspicions that I needed a resolution of 1440p+ if I wanted to work without distractions.

Currently, the PC is sitting on the box the motherboard came in:

I also tried the 3 screens with some filament spool boxes:

Right now, my task list is:


kelvinA wrote 08/30/2022 at 06:50 point

Just added way more details to this log and project details

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