A Little Off The Beaten Path

A project log for Ender 3 Artifex Edition

Dual Z-Axis Linear Rail & Drive. Dual Gear Direct Drive. X & Y Linear Rails. E3D V6 Hot End. All metal. All blue. All sexy.

g0ldenerdg0ldenerd 04/16/2022 at 18:100 Comments

What started off as a Linear Motion Mod for the Ender 3 has somehow transitioned into making custom paint. I'm just as confused as you are on how we got here, but I love the results and knowledge XP gained on this Easter Egg of a side quest. 

Well, actually, two types of paint were needed. The metal paint is a (hopefully) automotive grade blend of enamels that are baked on. The plastic paint is a blend of acrylics and modified enamels that get "baked" on with the low setting of a heat gun in constant motion. Both using artisan grade pigments in high concentration that results in a vibrancy I couldn't match with paint that would be considered remotely affordable. 

That leaves us with where the project stands today. The firmware is ready; All currently planned hardware has been purchased, fitted and tested; The printer has been fully disassembled, painted and baked. We are now ready to re-assemble it, cut some new wires and publish the videos as well as instructions.