The Time Has Come

A project log for Ender 3 Artifex Edition

Dual Z-Axis Linear Rail & Drive. Dual Gear Direct Drive. X & Y Linear Rails. E3D V6 Hot End. All metal. All blue. All sexy.

g0ldenerdg0ldenerd 06/14/2022 at 03:110 Comments

After a long couple of months and unhealthy periods of procrastination, the time has finally come to begin uploading RC1 of the specification.

However, I have returned to the original Y carriage and belt drive. I found that a single lead screw and single rail did not provide the appropriate stability, at least not using the brackets and mounts I had used. Eventually, I do plan on returning to the lead screw drive, but will likely be a dual lead screw design. If all else fails, I will likely end up putting a ball screw on it.

In the near future, I also plan on developing an auto tramming system and several other goodies to make this a true fork and not just a specification remix of the BLV project.