[M] Tube Carriages

A project log for SecSavr [gd0036]

A 3D printer that I describe as "The FULL Coverage, Extended X, Pro Max, Ultramatrix Solution".

kelvinAkelvinA 05/09/2022 at 04:290 Comments
Slow progress, but I've started modelling on the basic linear carriages for the large (42.4) and small (26.9) tubes. Singular and double refer to 1 or 2 tubes respectively. I refactored that "stiffener ring" crossbar looking section twice to get the design and timeline to be at the quality I desired. I also started using named parameters more

I'm currently thinking of possible designs for the double tube that will allow the x axes to be as close as possible.

 I'm also wondering if I should continue designing from the frame -> [...] -> slime or if I should start working back from the slime -> [...] -> frame.

Modelling time: 2 hours 40 minutes.