[M] Sketching Tool Bar and Sliders

A project log for SecSavr [gd0036]

A 3D printer that I describe as "The FULL Coverage, Extended X, Pro Max, Ultramatrix Solution".

kelvinAkelvinA 05/21/2022 at 18:530 Comments

Since my designs are both dependent on form and function, as well as other parts of the design, I've been hitting a few too many unknowns while trying to compute a solution for the tool bar and axis sliders. 

Tool Bar

I've gone with the idea of having the #SecSavr Select [gd0091]'s inside a main body that looks like a bracket (see my logo), along with the electronics (not including PSU's. I'm not sure how the tool bar is going to be moved, so I'm just going to assume via stepper motors and push forward. Originally, I was thinking of having the reverse bowdens go around the back, but I thought about accessibility issues and so moved it to the front (only 4 bowdens are drawn). Actually, now that I write this, I've realised that I forgot about the tool part of the tool bar. I'll have to sketch more.

130mm is the height the Selects are likely to be, so I went with that. I've also thought about how to aesthetically split up the part for printing, building and maintenance. 


The Y slider had to be extended so that the steppers could fit, and now it doesn't look good, so I've drawn a redesign.

The X slider is a lot more tricky since it's got the mini Z axis and the V axis counterbalance, both of which I haven't designed in my mind yet. The slider is covered so that it looks like a cuboid, and the Z axis is likely to get a (non cuboid) cover so that it looks a bit nicer. I'm also thinking of where the mini linear rails for the mini Z axis would go.

For both sliders, I'm thinking of a white and black contrast print, and have shaded accordingly.