[M] Swapping extruder and magnet locations

A project log for SecSavr Sublime [gd0036]

A 3D printer that I described as "The FULL Coverage, Extended X, Pro Max, Ultramatrix Solution".

kelvinAkelvinA 06/26/2022 at 14:360 Comments
So I woke up today and thought "Do you think there's enough space to rotate the tool plate 180 degrees?". The reason I've been considering it is because:

Modelling a concept

Yeah it's going to be close alright. It looked promising though so I kept going.
What else can I say expcept "Barely (TM)"? There is just about enough space for the filament to curve around the 90 degree bend.

Increasing length for the camera

I then updated the Slime file and the bottom of the hotend was too close to the bottom of the Slime. I guess that's a nice problem to have, because I increased the length of the hotend assembly so much that I don't even have to cut the CR10 heatsink anymore.

I went on AliExpress to do some searching on my hotend options again, and found this hotend from LERDGE.
It's a tad more expensive than the CR10, but it comes with advantages:

I got to modelling and uploaded it on GrabCAD. Lastly, I modelled the filament guide and fixed the SecSavr Slime model.