[M] Slime branding and SecSavr name?

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A 3D printer that I describe as "The FULL Coverage, Extended X, Pro Max, Ultramatrix Solution".

kelvinAkelvinA 07/05/2022 at 00:430 Comments

As I was staring at the gantries inside the SleepCinema, I had an idea for the way I'm going to do the Slime branding.

The idea is to have the left Slime as one colour and the right as a different one. I'm thinking a different colour for the text looks better:

I originally wasn't so keen on this new Slime shape that was needed for the camera, but I'm liking this design change now.

Then I thought "Slime" reminded me of the word "sublime" and went to look at the definition.
Looking at those adjective definitions, that sounds quite a lot like this SecSavr to me, so it's a possible option. 

Anyway, I also wanted to see what adding 3 dots would look like:

I think the dots tie together the overall brand (see my logo) and give a bit more of a technical vibe (like some Asus laptops [below]) but I do also like the uninterrupted line too.Asus' newest laptop has a programmable dot matrix display on its lid | PC  GamerI've done the other side and those 3 dots certainly do add a bit of an "advanced tech" look.
However, in the SleepCinema, the 3 dots look a bit extra:
So I'm going to opt out of the dots.