PBT Printability Initial Tests

A project log for Filament Furnace [gd0042]

A low cost filament extruder to try and create low cost GF PBT filament to replace my PLA usage.

kelvinakelvinA 03/11/2022 at 17:200 Comments

Using the 3Devo my university just happens to have, I was able to extrude some PBT. However there were voids and the thickness was unstable.

I tried again on another day, and after finding recommended temperatures of 260C, I got something a tad better but still not great (top is first attempt, bottom is second) or consistent.

I thought to add some PET for processability, and was able to get something barely printer-usable after hours of extruding:

Some takeaways from the PBT / PET blend:

My hypothesis is that the 90 degree angle in the 3Devo is not playing nicely with the glass fibre reinforced pellets, meaning the PBT will clog like cholesterol in an artery and the PET would melt past it.

Takeaways from using the 3Devo: