SecSavr Select [gd0091]

Compact filament selector for 8 3D printer filaments

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This filament selector is used in SecSavr [gd0036] to feed 8 filaments to the direct drive extruder. Planned to be controlled via Klipper, under 90x65x130mm in size and cost under £50.

Researching about filament selectors years ago, it becomes apparent that reliability is paramount. I didn't want to spend that kind of testing time, so I slowly worked on this idea while hoping that somone else came out with a cheap and small device eventually. Well it's been over 2 years since then, and filament selectors are still large and cost a serious chunk of cash.

  • [T] Pulley Out Of Stock

    kelvinA06/28/2022 at 14:40 4 comments

    Finally digging through my massive aliexpress basket and found out that this part is no longer available. I might have to print it if I can't find an alternative part.

  • [R] Rome

    kelvinA05/22/2022 at 07:14 0 comments

    I've just been made aware of the following project:

    This could be a good starting position for the Klipper code needed for this project. What I'd need to implement is the logic for inverse stepper movement and servo control.

  • Initial project position

    kelvinA04/11/2022 at 00:31 0 comments

    I started designing the SecSavr Select inside the SecSavr Space file, so I've moved it into its own file and I am currently in the process of cleaning it up / adding groups before finishing the design. Below is an old gif I recorded. It shows what happens when the servo motor goes through 300 degrees of motion (out of 320).

    I plan to have a cheap microcontroller in charge of making sure that each loaded filament isn't clogged. I'm hoping that I can use a mouse encoder for this to detect both presence and movement. A Hall Effect based approach could also work. A command will then be sent to Klipper if there is an issue. Hopefully, it would be a change filament command so that the Select can load in a backup filament. The filament that had an issue would have a red LED associated with it, and taking it out and loading it back in will reset the error status.

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