Tetent Turntable [gd0038]

A DIY 3D mouse alternative based on Tetent [gd0090] before I forced a feature merge.

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Uses 3 PSVita joysticks to allow for 6 degrees of freedom. Project scrapped as the feature merge with Tetent was successful.

I bought a used 3dconnexion Space Explorer, and while it was nice, it was annoying that the explorer and a mouse weren't combined into a single device to be used by a single hand, freeing up my other hand for keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, I set out to obtain a solution.

Later, I also found that ambidexterous mice with 6+ thumb buttons didn't exist, so I added that to the specification.

For the 3D navigation, 3 joysticks are used. For mouse movement, a Blackberry trackpad for the thumb (seen in is used, after a positive experience with the One GX1 Pro.

Like Tetent [gd0090], the Turntable is wireless and is designed for use with Teti [gd0022].

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