[A] Initial Project Status

A project log for SludgeCo [gd0016]

Air purifiers for my war against dust.

kelvinakelvinA 05/26/2022 at 21:270 Comments

I conceptualised this project probably years ago at this point. I did quite a bit of research on air particle detectors and what sensors give readings that would be benificial to me, such as a sensor that detects when the air is stale.

For air purifying, I wanted to try a more decenteralized approach to improve filtration speed and air circulation. Thus, I'm thinking of a few of these which all charge on a docking station.

Here's a render of the idea which I created moments ago:

I'm trying out DOF in Fusion 360's rendere for the first time.
This wasn't the first idea I came up with. The first one looked like the grey section expanded all the way to the inner corners of the white brackets, and that said grey section was black.