[T] Concept design and branding

A project log for Tetinventory [gd0039]

A backpack that strives to be as convenient as an ingame player inventory.

kelvinakelvinA 06/17/2022 at 09:160 Comments

This log continues from the one from Teti.

So this was the idea I've had in my mind for months on how it would look like. I was modelling yesterday night and I thought it looked kind of plain so I added copper brackets to the side. Looking at it after sleeping, this concept looks fresh and minimalistic.

Anyway, it looked a lot more backpack-like. 
First I tried out a design where the kelvinA logo is centered at the bottom of the face and the top line of the T.
I then tried the more... lawful branding design, as well as extending the brackets and adding the gyro ball cup holder. Added some feet and rendered the design:

After sleeping and waking up, the second back panel idea seems more dull (likely because it's more predictable) and one-sided than the first idea. Additionally, I wonder how the design will progress with the addition of the suspension rails and methods of entry into the bag without standard things like buttons or zippers. I also would like to be able to deploy a motorised helmet for portable AC-ed air around my face (likely to be branded under the SludgeCo project) and have some kind of exoskeleton legs that attach to TEOSS to take some force off my body, but that's somewhat far thinking and I mainly just need to focus on the main features for now.