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Procedural and parametric, node-based CAD for 3D modelling with sketches.

kelvinAkelvinA 05/22/2022 at 15:150 Comments

So development on #SecSavr [gd0036] has, once again, been stalled while I look around to see if there are options outside of Fusion 360.

Initial Search

My initial search lead me to, where I looked though each of them to see current statuses. 

The developer(s?) of the most recent node-based workflow in Freecad are wondering if they should switch from PyFlow as it's no longer maintained. Another project to bring PyFlow to FreeCAD is this: A currently maintained node project for Python is Ryven.

Sverchok looks like it's mainly for Blender. Modelica seems to be for simulation.

I'm slowly getting through the forum threads for DynFreeCAD and Pure-Data, but Pure-Data is looking promising so far.


Tabbed back from the FreeCAD path to Google again to continue the search. Searched "node based cad github" and that's when I discovered

It's got a peaceful looking interface and a 3D viewer that doesn't need a key held down to zoom, pan and rotate. 
Examples are provided and each node also has a link to discover more. 

Some things I thought when using the software:

This is still very early research though. I'm currently reading the nodi docs.

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