[A - T] Branding and potentially shelving

A project log for enSweepen [gd0096]

Procedural and parametric, node-based CAD for 3D modelling with sketches.

kelvinAkelvinA 05/28/2022 at 16:290 Comments

So, after compiling all the research I've gathered over the past few days, my compute returns a low probability that I'd get more than even get a denominator-double-digit fraction of this project complete in the time I'd want it delivered. It seems more to be a kind of project that is worked on at a slow but consistent pace, since there is so much stuff that would have to be learnt. 

Obviously, shelved != scrapped; it's more like "frozen". I'll still be keeping my eyes on anything that could push this project forward though.

I thought I should at least add some branding, and the square project image wasn't as great as I imagined.

And now I'm staring at "Sketch" and it looks kind of... prickly? Coarse, maybe? Additionally, CAD Sketcher now exists. enLoften might be my backup name as it sounds calmer and more refined, even though I don't usually use the loft tool all that much. Perhaps that could be a reason to look into making the Loft tool easier to set up than in current CAD packages.