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A project log for My Custom Scanning Electron Microscope

This is a scanning electron microscope I am building from scratch from mechanical, electronics and control software.

Vini's LabVini's Lab 11/18/2022 at 08:240 Comments

Hi guys and girls!

I have been busy the last few months relocating to the Netherlands, so the project was halted for a while, after making many parts I am considering ways to scale down the manufacturing effort, simplifying the design, now that I more or less managed to dominate magnetic lenses simulation and got consistent results with the reality I feel more confident to deviate from the original Zeiss design I was following.

The biggest issue I see is the current design cannot be manufactured in a mini lathe and one of my goals, for this project, is to be accessible to hobbits that want to explore this field.

Another aspect is the number of parts and seals themselves, I think there are too many. Also, some parts are really hard to machine, like the condenser assembly, the anode and the cathode.

Anyways I just want to leave my thoughts here and give a quick update.

I still need to find a hackerspace or a friend with a machine shop to continue the work, meanwhile, I will work on the 3D model and simulations in my spare time.