• Split installer into separate project

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  • [T]

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    [T] = Thought tag

    Right now, the application is a WPF program. I want to 

    • port this over to F# and MAUI and give it a fresh coat of paint.
    • create some new sound effects 
      • I used the sounds from the game Strata in the initial mockup. 
    • look into creating a custom installer for UI consistency
    • create wireframes for different aspect ratios
      • right now, I coded the initial application to have a fixed window size
    • read on how to make APIs / extensions so that new functionality can be added without requiring a new version of the program
    • create a new logo for the app
    • look into automated testing again
      • I had one and it was nice until it broke. I was learning how to use automated testing for the first time

  • [T] UI and licensing

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    The first thing I'm planning to do is design a new interface. This project log mostly applies here.

  • Initial project status

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    • Programmed in C#