Printed circuit boards are vastly used for electronic devices. For the execution of electronic circuits, the designer chooses the best quality circuit board. So, to make the circuit secure and efficient, the designer uses printed circuit boards. But, before the invention of PCB end-to-end formation or point-to-point assembling was common. However, it was not effective and very unreliable. To make the circuits more efficient, designers took the idea of making PCB boards. 

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Through-Hole Technology

Through-hole was the technique that diminishes the point-to-point assembling method. It's a mounting strategy that uses the leads on the components that get inserted into the Printed circuit boards

Surface Mount Technology

In the SMT procedure, the components are mounted directly on the surface of the Printed circuit boards. However, it increases the risk of errors because of the denser packing of the PCB board. The SMT has usually smaller components. It involves small leads or no leads at all.

Difference Between THT and SMT