Quantity   Component name
1 × Sharp Memory in Pixel display LS044Q7DH01 I wish they sold a bigger one. But this is surprisingly readable, especially in good light
1 × SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP This is the development board that serves as the "motherboard" of my laptop. The Ambiq Apollo3 CPU is the reason it can execute code while using so little power.
1 × Adafruit SHARP Memory Display Breakout - 2.7" 400x240 Monochrome I don't use the display attached to this as I found it too small for a "laptop" form factor. It might be great for a hand-held incarnation of this project.
1 × AEMLION by Jasper Sikken Solar battery charger and power supply. I want to replace this with their AEMLIC and the battery with a Li-ion Capacitor.
1 × Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 An old keyboard which was sacrificed for this project, as I wanted direct access to the keyboard matrix. I really like the layout.
1 × PowerFilm Solar LL200-2.4-75 I hope to fit more of these on a later version
1 × PiJuice 12000mAh Battery Way more battery than anyone would ever need for this. I like that.
1 × add:north E-PLA (Yellow) Wonderful color. Prints well.
2 × Luxorparts protoboard Used for soldering the keyboard connectors onto
1 × SD to microsd card adapter Soldered jumper wires onto this to make a microsd "breakout board"
1 × Jumper wires Everything is connected with these, jammed into the case.