WatchUpitchu S2

We wanted to have a small ESPNOW watch with all the necessary to be independant from the fruit and the beevil

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This is the beginning of a new watch project called S2TinyWatch . You have an ESP32-S2 4MB opensource watch made of a small IPS Color ST7789 Display + ADXL Accelerometer + A DM3132 RTC chip + a vibration motor and 4 buttons. It is compatible with circuitpython and arduino IDE.

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Nazwa wrote 04/05/2022 at 12:33 point

meybe add irda for communication.

4 button is ok but I prefer 4 button and rotor/potenciometer. Is fastest 

meybe using fuzix, zephyr LUFA?

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Arya wrote 03/31/2022 at 16:50 point

ooh this looks lovely, cannot wait to see the details!

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