All soldering done, lot of images, video

A project log for Brainf*cktor

Standalone brainf*ck computer in less than 1kB of code

jaromir.sukubajaromir.sukuba 01/03/2017 at 23:590 Comments

I spent nice evening with soldering iron to convert the PCBs from previous log into something that is not piece of protoboard.

The main board is heart of the Brainf*cktor and carries all the semiconductor devices.

The keyboard board is there to define positions of keys and contains keys series resistors too.

Both of them plus battery are fitted into enclosure made of doublesided PCB parts.

The PCBs are held in place by a few M3 spacers and bolts

The enclosure consists of milled PCB parts and lots of leaded solder

Some more details

and power switch

And when all the parts are together

I took a short video of me, entering simple program to echo single byte entered by user into output buffer

As you can see, the user IO of this device is rather spartan, but hey, this is BF machine.