Drastic PCB improvements

A project log for BilaSens: from river to the cloud

A multisensor that send data via GSM to thingspeak and show them on a small screen

marcoA152marcoA152 10/04/2022 at 08:150 Comments

After (some) efforts trying to etch a custom PCB (see results), I've done a big step forward with custom PCB supplier PCBWay

Let some pictures talk for me...

Comparison: wich is the better?
:-/   OK... My PCB it's like a MadMax DieselPunk nightmare... but anyway... it works! 

the packaging arrived\
really a nice piece

the progress
with also a super interesting tracking production progress (with videos)

that's all! now i have only to find a bit of time to link everything and start testing!
see you soon!