Announcement and project update!

A project log for Tracer | A Wearable for Things!

The Tracer is an open-source ESP32-based Inertial Measurement Unit tracker

yjYJ 11/14/2022 at 12:220 Comments


Thank you all for the support I have received over the past year. 

I really appreciate the comments and feedback through this forum and I fully intend to update my content here frequently with useful content as soon as they become available. However due to the format of this platform, it is quite difficult to present small yet important updates, therefore I am creating an Instagram page where I will post my content more regularly and also demonstrate more of the "behind-the-scenes" work that goes into creating my projects. 

You can access my Instagram page here, elektroThing (@elektrothing) • Instagram photos and videos.  For those of you who do not want to use Instagram, I am also launching my website,, which will serve as the landing page for all things elektroThing. :) 


It works as a tennis tracker and a data streamer! 

However, battery life needs to be better and I have a few plans for that; 

  1. Writing better firmware - devising a scheme such that the BLE modem doesn't have to be "always-on" whilst preserving all the features.
  2. Swapping out the MCU maybe? As WiFI is not really needed, I am planning to use a Nordic MCU instead of the ESP32 which should give better sleep currents. 
  3. Design low voltage protection to avoid deep discharge to protect the battery further. At the moment it is only implemented in software.

Do reach out if there is something on this list that you would like to help with. I am more than happy to send over a board and in return get some work off my shoulders.