Documentation and kits are available!

A project log for SLS4All - Affordable SLS 3D Printer

Design, development and build of an open-sourced SLS 3D Printer suitable for hobby users.

tomas-starekTomas Starek 06/13/2024 at 11:460 Comments

First of all – ORDERS ARE OPEN! You can now order a complete set of parts to build your Inova SLS printer. Two batches of 15 sets are currently open. One for delivery in September ’24, the other in October ’24. Check out our store for all the details.

Secondly – Inova is becoming open source as promised. We’ve started with the hardware, which means that:

are now available in the members section.

We have also done most of the FW and SW pre-publishing activities. So, the SLS4All Compact software package will also be released very soon.