Ceiling Mounted vs. Free Standing VR Support Rig

A project log for Free Standing VR Support Rig

This rig doesn't require bolting to the ceiling or wall. Works with my VR shoes to keep the user in the same spot as they walk in VR.

finallyfunctionalfinallyfunctional 03/26/2022 at 14:130 Comments

I currently have two VR support rigs that are meant to be used with my passive VR shoes.


Both rigs support

Ceiling Mounted Rig Pros and Cons

Free Standing Rig Pros and Cons

My Preference

After using both rigs for extended periods of time, I prefer the ceiling mounted rig. I realize this rig is not an option for many people. I prefer it mainly because turning while walking has no resistance. It also has the advantages of less parts and a simpler platform design.

In the Future

In the future I may design and build a 3rd support rig. This rig will take my ceiling mounted design and instead of bolting it to the ceiling, couple it to something like the frame of a swing set.