The printed circuit board is the basic and extremely vital component of every project electronic device or project.  There are a lot of PCB designers and manufacturers out there, but only a handful of them offer high quality at reasonable pricing. I'm going to introduce you to one such PCB provider who provides high-quality PCB at a cheap price.


JLCPCB is a leading PCB prototype company and a high-tech manufacturer specialized in rapid PCB prototypes and small-batch PCB production all over the This PCB manufacturer is JLCPCB, a PCB provider situated in China that was created in 2006. It works along with EasyEDA to provide two services on a single platform. This organization provides services all around the world. They serve Customers all days a week, twenty-four hours a day. The produces the finest client experience in the business by producing high-reliability, cost-effective PCBs quickly. They can help you construct hardware easier and quicker by providing speedy PCB prototypes and SMT assembly services, whether you're building your first PCB or producing an electronic hardware product.

Reasons to Choose JLCPCB

1. Its Cost Saving

JLCPCB provides cost-cutting options. Clients benefit from increased price stability and less risk as a result of their service. An electronic component library with over 80,000 pieces is part of the service. You may buy it for a reasonable price and store it in a personal account safely and simply. The following are some of the most significant advantages: Your electrical components will be kept by the company, and you will not be affected by market price fluctuations. Because of the existence of professional staff, this surgery is possible. The company study, receive, and evaluate customer wants and market price changes. It assists you in ensuring that your customers have affordable access to the most widely used electronic components.

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2. Time-Saving

JLCPCB provides SMT PCB manufacturing service. SMT components can be mounted in thousands per hour, but through-hole components can only be inserted in a few hundred per hour. Also, They do PCB prototyping with a 24-hour turnaround time. DHL Express will deliver PCBs to you in 3-7 days.

3. High-Quality Service

All of the services they provide are excellent, and they never compromise on quality. With that expert staff of engineers and technicians, they are equipped with the high-quality machines necessary for PCB design and production. Their delivery services are also helpful for sending their items at a specific period.

4. Rules for Geber Files

A Gerber file is a file that you use to design your boards and then send to a PCB design business that will create your design based on that file. JLCPCB supports Gerber files made using Eagle, Kicad, Altium, and Diptrace tools. Here we would like to point you that EasyEDA has partnered with JLCPCB to provide a free online Gerber file viewer.

5. SMT Stencils

The JLCPCB is unique in that it combined PCB design, manufacturing, and SMT stenciling into a single platform. So you can acquire all of your project services in one spot, which is nice and easy to develop projects.

6. Assurance of Quality

JLCPCB commits to a thorough Quality assurance methodology to ensure that each part is free of defects. Each part is go through different tests, including AOI inspection, 3D X-ray, temperature, and mechanical stress testing. JLCPCB guarantees perfect PCB components and provides technical advice on how to deal with bad designs and process decisions.

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7. Customer Service

JLCPCB's world-class customer service staff is another incentive to pick them for PCB components procurement. They constantly keep the consumer informed about the procurement process, which means you can quickly track down the whereabouts of a component if you have any questions. Also, if you receive a damaged PCB component, you will receive a full refund within...

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