In considering tackling common problems those with disabilities may encounter in a work environment, our group reflected on our personal experience and general knowledge. We came to the conclusion that the most prevalent issues are the following: wheelchair accessibility, arthritis, back issues, blindness, diabetes, deafness, ASD, Cerebral Palsy, chronic pain, and amputations. When discussing with our team we all shared stories of those we know who could be experiencing one or more of these issues, one of which was a farmer. When interviewing this man, he began going into some of these issues but then he stepped back and started to emphasize the importance of a much simpler but still extremely prevalent issue. A common conclusion we came to was the potential damage lack of hydration does to the human body. Coming up with a solution to this would have much more general applicability while also effectively resolving health concerns that arise during extended labor. After discussing with our SME (Subject Matter Expert) we also observed that some people on the spectrum or with mental deficiencies could benefit from a device that regulates and reminds people to hydrate and take care of themselves.