k0uchpad BLE

A project log for reverse engineering BB Passport keyboard

Ended up sacrificed one keyboard for pinout. Probably one of the worst (layout on) keyboard I've ever seen but I want to use it!

TinLethaxTinLethax 08/06/2022 at 07:000 Comments

Several years ago I have a project called KouchPad. I reuse the Synaptics trackpad as a touch keyboard + trackpad. And STM32 as USB HID thingy.

After I get the Q30 keyboard working with nRF51822 over HID BLE. I though that this project might be another KouchPad. But to name it like Wac0m Rif0ff. I went for the name "k0uchpad BLE". 

Yesterday I have some test with it (trackpad part). And I managed to crash Windows and get GSOD (Yes, I literally mean Green screen). For some reason the Windows driver kernel (win32kbase.sys) hates 2 or more trackpad on 1 Laptop. I have to change the usage from trackpad to touchscreen to not crash my laptop. Face palm moment

Right now I'm waiting the PCB and working on Key matrix scanning (with STM8L151F3). The code is here : k0uchpad BLE