New Diffusers

A project log for Kaleidoscope

A plant-like sculpture made from RGB LEDs, Warm White LEDs, and current limiting resistors.

eddieEddie 03/24/2022 at 15:550 Comments

After two years I decided to scrap the first iteration.  Technically I was going about the problem in the wrong way.  I had intended to use attiny85's to PWM fade colors at different rates.  However, I ran into an obvious issue in that the red channel was always going to be active as I hadn't added current limiting resistors to any other pins.  If you want to see grab a coin-cell battery and an RGB LED and try red with any other leg. 

Aside from this glaring issue, I wasn't too happy with the shape of the LED diffusers so I decided to make my own.   Below are some before and after pics of the new diffusers.

Making the diffusers is simple enough.  You just need an orb silicon mold and some clear hot glue!  

Also during this time, I moved away from bare 22awg wire to 22awg magnet core wire as it has an enamel coating and makes shorting out a lot more difficult. 

LEDs wired up pre diffuser
LEDs with diffusers