SMPS Power Supply PCB Board Design

This PCB-designed board is used to protect the devices from damage while converting AC voltages to DC voltages as per device requirements.

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Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) can switch the main AC supply to a 12V DC supply for the safety of devices. The electricity coming from our grids is AC supply that can harm the devices if not converted into DC supply as per the compatibility of a specific device because every device has its own operating voltages, above or below than that voltage can damage the device, so it is necessary for the devices to convert the AC supply to the 12V DC supply so that the devices can handle it and can work according to their operating voltages.

This can protect the devices from short circuits or any other damage. Every electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Charger, Inverter, Printer, Refrigerator, etc. all consist of a small board of power supply with different circuits on it that work for different applications to protect the devices.


To understand the working of the SMPS PCB board I have divided the major parts of the circuit board into some blocks which are explained below;

A- Protection from high voltages

B- AC to DC converter

C- Input Filter

D- Diode Clamp circuit

E- Auto-restart mode of power supply

F- EMI filter

G- Rectifier and Ripples reducer

H- LC filter

I- High voltages to low voltages

J- Safety barrier

K- High switching frequency

L- Shunt regulator

M- AC to DC isolation

Design files:

I have designed this PCB board on Altium then I have uploaded the schematic file online on Inventhub for the users who want to implement my design they can view or download it from the given link.

After the implementation of the schematic, I have converted my design to a PCB file so that I can design my board and can view it in 3D view. For the fabrication of my board, I have uploaded my PCB and all design files on Inventhub for the manufacturers. They only need to download the ZIP file format and they can fabricate my PCB board without making any error in the design. 

Project History:

I have created multiple revisions in my project and I have uploaded them all online on Inventhub to keep them as my backup design. If I want to use my previous design as my current design I do not need to Undo my current design I can easily use my specific revision of the design by going into my project revisions. I can download and can reuse it as my final design.

BOM file:

I have created a BOM file for those who want to work on my design they want to know about each component and for the component providers to deliver the components. It contains the detail of each component used like dimensions, manufacturer, quantity symbol, and footprint library reference.


Schematic diagram on Inventhub

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 99.19 kB - 03/28/2022 at 07:08


PCB design on Inventhub.png

PCB design file on Inventhub

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 121.16 kB - 03/28/2022 at 07:08


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