DIY IoT Handheld Thermometer

A DIY ThermGun Project

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There are a lot of handheld thermometer out there, but very few IoT capability which is actually crucial as it will help to store these data online and help to alert others when abnormallies detected

Now is 2022 and we are still combatting COVID and its varients, it's a long battle so we need to play it smart.

How smart? There are many off-shell handheld thermometer out there and they offer very simple functions yet sell at quite expensivly, but with the right tool and a bit of DIY spirit, you can actually make one that has IoT capability at lower price. 

The main idea is to use an Arduino compatible dev board to read temperature from an IR temperature sensor and display the data on an OLED display then wirelessly send the data to the cloud via MQTT protocol. To do that, we can use an Ameba AMB02 (RTL8710AF) IOT dev board from Realtek, and then simply follow the instrcutions and use the files provided on the following Github link,

You can watch the demo video above to under how it works, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions~

  • 1 × Ameba AMB02 RTL8710AF IOT Dev Board
  • 1 × SSD1306 OLED display
  • 1 × MLX90615 temperature sensor
  • 1 × 3D prnited case
  • 10 × jumper wires

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