Auto power up on SmartPhone insert

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Secure web page on smartphone safely drives cheap bot with flashes of light using internal sensors and web services.

James NewtonJames Newton 04/12/2022 at 17:260 Comments

Add a microswitch at the bottom of the slot where the SmartPhone is inserted so it automatically powers up the bot when the phone is inserted. 

The script on the web page can listen to it's accelerometer sensors and send commands for short forward and back bursts to the motors in opposite directions; e.g. try to twist back and forth. If the sensors don't see that pattern, then the phone isn't in the robot or the bot isn't sensing it correctly. E.g. the phone will know it's in "not inserted" mode and keep sending that pattern looking for motion. 

On power up, the bot will expect to see that pattern and will use it to set levels on the A2D. This will compensate for different screen brightness, lighting conditions, alignment, etc... Once it configures, it will start moving, and the phone will feel that "I'm in! Switch to ready to go mode"

If during normal operation, a motor command doesn't generate the expected motion, it can initiate a test "twist" and if that fails, switch back to "I'm out!" mode.