Have you met the 65uino?

A project log for ABN6502 SBC R1

Saving the planet, one obsolete chip at a time

Anders NielsenAnders Nielsen 03/27/2023 at 18:210 Comments

Thank you all for your support in last year's Hackaday Prize! 

This year I went back to the drawing board and thought: How can I make a project a bit like my #ABN6502 SBC R1  but even more accessible to students, teachers and hobbyist and make a board that's quick to make and easy to understand? 

The answer is my new project for this year's hackaday prize: The #65uino 

It's a 6507 based dev board inspired by my "6502 Single Breadboard Computer" in an Arduino form factor with only three main IC's + glue and regulators.
It's fast to assemble and it should turn out to be a fun project for students, teachers or a hobbyist weekend project!

I hope you'll check out the project and follow along on the main page, here: #65uino