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A project log for Warehouse 13 Tesla Gun

A simple replica of the tesla gun from one of my favorite shows. My first project, hoping to get it light up in different brightness levels.

melissa-matosMelissa Matos 04/17/2022 at 23:480 Comments

My goal was to have all the coding completed by today. Sadly the audio parts for the project have not arrived yet. (Neither have the vacuum tubes, but more on that later.) So this is MOST of the coding done.

In addition to the solid green lights for the dials, and flickering yellow for the rear vacuum tubes, i have added a flashing blue neopixel to simulate lighting being fired from the gun in the forward long vacuum tube. The dial on the right side of the gun can adjust how bright the lightning flash gets. Here's a demonstration: (sorry for the background noise)

The plastic printed parts have arrived, and I'm in the process of getting them painted. I love this rustoleum spray paint. The metallics show up nice and shiny.

The audio components should arrive tomorrow, but to be honest, I'm not sure I will get them to fit into the barrel of the gun. It's a bit smaller than I expected.