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Gesture revolutionises the way of controlling one’s PC in real-time with the use of hand gestures, made possible using Computer Vision approaches.

Have you ever wanted to control your system without having to interact directly with the PC while giving a presentation? Do you know of someone who is not accustomed to using a keyboard and mouse to control their PC? Gestro aims to solve such problems by creating a new way to control systems in real-time using hand gestures, all made possible with Computer Vision techniques.

Gestro is an application which allows users to control their Linux system using hand gestures so that users will be able to perform certains actions without the use of a keyboard and mouse. This is particularly useful in cases where users want to control their Linux PC while: being away from it, being unfamiliar with modern devices (such as Elderly people), et cetera.

By using a webcam and libraries such as OpenCV, X11, et cetera, Gestro is able to successfully translate hand gestures performed by users into commands that performs certain operations including, but not limited to, increasing or decreasing the system's volume, move, minimise, or close windows, and mouse clicks. Gestro is designed to be displayed using a Qt application on the users' Linux system running the Ubuntu distribution.

Gestro is designed to be used on Linux PCs running the Ubuntu distribution. In particular, it was tested and found to be running perfectly on PCs running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

A PC running Ubuntu.
A webcam.

Gestro requires the following tools and libraries to run (other versions are not tested):

Qt 5
OpenCV 4.5.5
Boost Unit Test Framework

Visit our GitHub page here to download our release!

x-m4v - 21.39 MB - 04/21/2022 at 19:54


  • 1 × PC running Ubuntu. Gestro was developed, tested and found to be running perfectly on PCs running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
  • 1 × Webcam. Gestro requires a webcam as it is based on Computer Vision approaches.

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    Installation Guide
    If permission is denied while trying to run any of the scripts, please enter the following Commands into the terminal and try running the script again, sudo chmod +x <script_name>.sh.
    For example, for the, enter sudo chmod +x into the terminal.
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    Step 1

    1. Download the latest release from our Github and extract the contents into the Home folder.

    Note: Make sure the folder with the contents is named "Gestro". If not, rename it to "Gestro".
    Alternatively, launch a terminal and run:
    git clone
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    Step 2

    2. Launch a terminal and enter the following commands into it to install the requirements:

    cd ~/Gestro sudo ./
    Note: If CMake version is found to be too low, please follow instructions here to update CMake. After updating CMake, make sure to close and reopen the terminal before starting from step 2 again.

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