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A project log for G4 iMac Display Connector

One of the biggest pain points for repurposing old G4 iMacs is having to rewire the display connector. I’m designing a PCB to streamline it.

navarreNavarre 06/02/2022 at 15:570 Comments

I’m only just starting with this. I’ll try with the 17” I’ve got, and if it works well, I’ll try to get the 15” and 20” going as well. The first task was tracking down the 21 position board connector, which I’ve found on DigiKey: JAE Electronics / FI-W21P-HFE. The board connector is actually shielded, but I haven’t been able to find that variant. The spec sheet is for all of them at once, so part numbers have been tricky to figure out (at least for a newb like me).

Second step is to trace the wires from the LCD to the board connector and cross reference with the pinouts on the display from Dremel Junkie’s website. I haven’t found a pinout for the board connector, and I want to make sure the cable doesn’t switch any of the pins on its way through the neck.

*This is my first project on here, and this was supposed to be the first log entry, but I put it in the project description instead. Whoops.