Scope Creep and Reigning it Back in

A project log for G4 iMac Display Connector

One of the biggest pain points for repurposing old G4 iMacs is having to rewire the display connector. I’m designing a PCB to streamline it.

navarreNavarre 11/02/2022 at 20:500 Comments

This started as a project to provide a simple connector to the TMDS cable of the iMac, and quickly ballooned into a full blown M1 iMac G4 conversion kit. While I am planning on doing the full conversion kit at some point, for the purposes of this project page, I'm reigning things back into just the display connector. It's the linchpin for the larger project, and should be useful for any other mods people want to do to the machine, not just dropping Apple Silicon inside. Hopefully, this will keep me from getting bogged down in connector searches and other miscellaneous rabbit holes that have thwarted my progress thus far.