Consideration of a sensor for shutter movement detection

A project log for A Spring-Drive Digital Movie Camera

Digitize a vintage spring-drive 8mm camera. Not for the sake of convenience, but for the enjoyment of video recording.

airpocketAIRPOCKET 04/25/2022 at 03:220 Comments

This 8mm film camera has a variable FPS. In order for the image sensor to capture moving images, the shutter timing of the camera must be synchronized with the sensor operation.

It is very difficult to detect the shutter timing operation, and if a mechanical mechanism is added, it may become a burden and change the shutter timing itself.
In this case, we will attempt to detect the movement by attaching a reflector to the shutter rotation mechanism and using a photo reflector.
First, I used a breadboard to check the sensor sensitivity and circuitry.
When the part with aluminum tape in front of the sensor comes to the front of the sensor, the LED shines.

Although the sensitivity needs to be adjusted, we will test the actual device using this method.