V3.1 Enclosure

A project log for Vending Machine for Birds

Simple, inexpensive bird feeder that dispenses peanuts in exchange for dropping stuff in a hole. A vending machine for clever birds.

stephen-chaseyStephen Chasey 06/06/2023 at 22:100 Comments

I rebuilt the PVC enclosure, adding an accessible space for a battery or powerbank and to view the main board to see the indicator LEDs. I also added an enclosed camera housed in an arm made from 50mm PVC joints that can be rotated and positioned. 50mm is just large enough to house an ESP32-CAM or RPi ZeroW.  Instead of a frisbee with a perch I used a tray for a large plant pot (bought at Action for about one EUR).

It's about the same size as the previous version, but may require a different mounting approach due to the protrusions on the backside to house and allow easy access to the powerbank and main board, and to allow removal of the refuse container if you mount it on the ground.