• Pictures

    ZaidPirwani11/22/2016 at 17:39 2 comments

    First pictures of the machine. inside and out and the backside.

    The front, I think the name in the logo is ASTRA, tagline is "The Complete Computer", there are 2 5 inch floppy drives, one RESET Button, one TURBO Button and a keyhole for Locking the system.

    Motherboard 01

    Motherboard 02 - the so many ICs on the bottom right are the RAM (I think).

    Floppy drives and the Power Supply

    Font close-up of the 2 drives

    that's the processor, 8088 - apparently this one is made by NEC, when we learned about these in the courses, only INTEL came up as the manufacturer.

    one of the 2 ICs on the bottom is an IO multiplexer IC and the other I have to check (dont remember atm) - the black thing on the top side is basically done by me, the sticker came off of the EEPROM, I only had scotch tape and black marker at the time.

    the RAM Bank.

    The Power Supply, 180W

    Ports at the back - no idea what these are - two of these look like DB9 and DB25, but need to check what the signals are actually.

    Anyone know how and what type of DISPLAY goes with it - or what can i use in place of a display, SERIAL TERMINAL, maybe? made of Arduino or Pi