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Developing a method for solar power generation and storage without dependence on advanced technologies such as solar cells and batteries.

kevin-kosterKevin Koster 10/09/2022 at 01:270 Comments

After digging through my collection of scrap building materials, I've revised my plan for mounting four concentrators in a box together down to three. It turns out that I've got at least twelve 2.4m (8') lengths of 4x2" pine, but only one length that's over 3m, so removing one concentrator brings with width down to 2.25m and saves me from needing extra joins or materials.

So for the three-concentrator panel, the general parts list is as follows:

Pine lengths will be cut as follows:

To Buy:

The most important parts which I don't already have are the windows, because they set the dimensions for everything else (and I'm not entirely confident in the dimensions stated in the advertisement). So before buying/building anything else, my first task is to bite the bullet and buy those.