Stringy PETG and PLA in a Comparison!

A project log for Recore and PrintrBot Mixtures

This is a Recore Board w/ a PrintrBot 1403 machine printer and...

silver2rowsilver2row 07/16/2022 at 03:050 Comments

I have finally learned how to print in PETG w/ my older model printrBot 1403. I am using the Recore board still w/ Klipper and OctoPrint. Things are going okay but I find that:

1. While printing in PETG, unlike w/ PLA, the prints that build incrementally outward w/out a sound base tend to string out. W/ PLA, unlike PETG, the building of new layers outward tend to adhere a bit more. This entails a solid base per layer when building. PETG is stringy and creates a solid foundation but when there is no foundation, the layering builds upward, even w/ a half a layer build upward, at a non-valid use output.

The output is basically wired in looks and has no real use. Sanding!