The smallest NVIDIA Jetson dinosaur robot, fully 3D printable, open-source, ROS2 & Isaac ROS based.

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nanosaur is a simple open-source robot based on NVIDIA Jetson. The robot is fully 3D printable, able to wander on your desk autonomously, and uses a simple camera and two OLEDs — these act as a pair of eyes. It measures a compact 10x12x6cm and it weighs only 500g.

To build a nanosaur follow:

🦕 Nanosaur is simple and does not need enough time to wander on your desktop. If you are making from scratch Nanosaur you need to follow this guide in order, starting from

The main architecture of nanosaur is pretty simple. There is the driver for the two DC motors, a camera, that you can choose between a:

  • raspberry py cam
  • Fisheye camera
  • Realsense
  • ZED mini
  • OAK-D lite (coming soon)

If you are missing some parts or need help, you can join the official nanosaur Discord community.

  • 1 × NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • 1 × Realsense optional
  • 1 × ZED mini optional
  • 1 × Raspberry PI cam optional
  • 1 × Fisheye camera optional

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